60 Years of Friendship ~ Greeting Card Version.
60 Years of Friendship - The Japan Society of Boston commissioned this image from Artist Jeffrey H. Hayes to celebrate the anniversary between Boston and Kyoto as Sister-Cities and to recognize their citizens for nurturing that relationship. The illustration was available as a limited edition Letterpress print, T-shirt, and greeting card from the JSB and the Society of Arts + Crafts Gallery and online store to benefit the Kogei-Kyoto exhibition in Autumn 2019.

Symbolism and inspirations within the 60th Anniversary image:

  • The Japanese text translates to: Boston Kyoto Sister Cities 60th Year.
  • The Gas Lamp and Stone Lantern are likenesses of gifts exchanged between Boston and Kyoto, each now standing at one another’s Sister City Halls.
  • The Japanese Gate, traditionally found throughout Japan, references one that belongs to the Kozuru Family, who introduced the artist to Japan.
  • The arch references Rowes Wharf, a neoclassical landmark, welcoming visitors arriving at Boston Harbor and on the Greenway.
  • The White Pine tree can be found in both Boston and Kyoto.
  • The path is for our journey taken on together while its placement shows the aspiration to add a Japanese Garden to the Greenway or City Hall Plaza.
The letterpress Print:
  • Number one of the edition was presented to Mayor Kadokawa of Kyoto at the JSB Gala on April 26, 2019.
  • The paper was made in the Berkshires of Massachusetts by Crane Paper Company, founded in 1770, before the Revolutionary War. Crane makes all the paper for American currency to this day.
  • Printed by DWRI Letterpress, Providence Rhode Island.
  • The use of red foil is for “Kanreki,” meaning a new beginning, used in Japan on 60th anniversaries.
Framed Print
60 Years of Friendship ~ Framed for the Mayor.
60 Years of Friendship ~ Alternate color ways.
60 Years of Friendship ~ T-Shirt.
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