Greetings Synectors!
Here are some samples of my online graphics and animation capabilities, to hopefully inspire my future contributions to Synecticsworld

This is my work so far, from two sessions:
Wellpoint Session PDF
Bacardi Session PDF

Please note: This page is NOT public and can only be accessed by the link given to you. Enjoy!



Animation Samples


I wish...Star Trek Tech - Animated illustration.



Insurance E-Z Pass - Animated illustration.

Kat the Catalyst - A character mascot emboding the mission of Synectics.



Portfolio Samples



Corporate Promo - Agilent Technologies - A mix of animation, video, photo and text builds in sync with voice-over. Used to gain new business. Runtime - 2.5 minutes.

  Corporate Introduction - Agilent Technologies - I made this movie from client assets featuring a range of products for presentation at scientific trade shows. Runtime - 4 minutes.
  Homepage Animation - Delphi Technology -
An interactive homepage marketing peice. Please click the green and blue cubes and dive deeper.
Link to SWF

Homepage Animation - EditShare Americas - An interactive homepage promotion. Please roll over the boxes to activate animation and audio. The center button link is not active in this demo.

  Flow Chart - cMarket Online Auctions -
A draft of graphic showing the functionality of online auction site.

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